Gaming Design


This course provides a firm foundation to game art like modeling Game Characters, level designing, texturing etc. and also to modern software engineering techniques used within the design & development of computer games to ensure you are well placed to take on a role within this dynamic and expanding industry. Animation and Game Design is a vehicle to learn the concepts of game development. From visual storytelling to modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging & animation, to audio, user interface & game level design this course covers basics of drawing, the technical details of animation and use of graphic design. One of the core elements of the course is the Artificial Intelligence module, which allows the developers to create an artificial neural pathway and a decision-making environment within a game. Other important elements such as Game scripting and Game Project management deals with the programming and planning aspects of developing games. Equally important is the need to develop the non-technical skills of planning and executing a project as a part of a team – something explored in detail in the game project management module.


SSLC pass


Graduates of the course will be well placed to pursue a career within the growing games and media sectors as Tool, Engine, Level, Graphical or AI Programmers. Alternatively they may use the transferable knowledge and skills gained during the course, to follow a career within the mainstream software industry as Software Engineers, Analysts or Application Developers, Lead Artist, Game Designer, Lead Programmer, QA Tester or continue their studies at postgraduate level. Our modules and teaching expertise will help you become more independent as a learner and more certain of your discipline expertise.

Throughout your time with us we’ll support you on the route to your chosen career. We’ll help you to develop crucial skills, encouraging you to become enterprising, employable and good leaders.

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