Visual Effects


A Visual Effects course develops technical and artistic skills in VFX (Visual Effects) and helps students gain expertise in the field. It combines the artistic and technical aspects of merging Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with live action footage. Possessing basic knowledge about computers and internet is a prerequisite to joining this course. Having knowledge about editing related terminologies and visual effects is an added advantage. A Visual Effects course aims at building up tangible exploration and visual skills of students by enabling them to work on different kinds of creative processes. Training in VFX involves developing visual observations through drawing, structure & form, coloring & shading techniques, story boarding, camera & lighting techniques, etc. Visual Effects programmes include study of history of animation, design principles, fundamentals of drawing, colour theory, computer graphics and digital & matte painting among others. Students having professional training in Visual Effects are in great demand at renowned post-production houses.


The ever-demanding Game industry is always in a lookout for multi-talented artists and programmers, and this program clearly defines and addresses this through various levels. This course empowers you with the necessary skills to enter the Gaming Industry as a versatile Game Designer with Unity programming skills. The C-Tech Higher Diploma course will introduce skills in real-time interactive programming by using industry-standard game engine and it will also train you to create prototypes for your game ideas. The project which is part of the course will develops one’s confidence and skills necessary to work in the most demanding industry of the world.


SSLC pass


You can make a successful career as a VFX artist & compositing artist in:

  • Animation film production studios

  • Television channels

  • Television production houses

  • Ad production houses

  • Gaming companies

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